One more try…

Okay I’m going to try to enter another book cover.  This is DUCK HUNTER DIARIES VOL 1.  the second volume is scheduled for release this summer.  With all the foofaraw surrounding Duck Dynasty, and all the bazillions they’re making, you’d think a duck hunting book would be the cat’s whiskers. I shared some excerpts on and the guys had nice things to say. This is memoir, from teenage hunting in Florida to finally achieving duck nirvana in the Pacific Northwest.  A lot of stuff happened in between…hurricanes, floods, death and taxes.  I went from Florida to Georgia to Nassau to Pennsylvania and back again to Florida as a newspaperman. Wound up in Los Angeles working as a flack for a labor union, witnessing payoffs to city councilmen, character assassinations in union politics, and the night watch at Parker Center firing one of our clerks for smoking dope on the job that the evidence sergeant supplied…we got her job back. That’s what unions do. I found out how hard to hunt ducks in California it is if you’re not rich or famous like Bing Crosby or Robert Stack.  When they tried to transfer me permanently to D.C.–which would have made two of my least favorite cities in a row–I quit and moved to the Northwest. The sixties and seventies are the backdrop for the first volume.

And herrrre’s the cover, with my L L Bean hunting hat, Eddie Bauer decoy poncho,handmade cork decoys and a Pacific Northwest beard–long before the beards of the South were cool and famous…and rich.

A collection of short stories