humidity heat winter hemispheres

Just stopping by

For some reason my computer gags when I try to go to blogland and says I need to clean my cache…but that doesn’t work. Sometimes I think my machine is possessed and other I think I have been hacked and my machine linked to some brute-force and nefarious enterprise for which I will never receive a cent. I get e mails from blogland with intriguing headlines (that seems to be an art form in and of itself) and when I can get to the blog I am seldom disappointed. So many individual minds ruminating upon so many different things, and often in graceful, compelling language.

Usually by the time I make an attempt to enter the bloglands I am exhausted from my writing day and trying to wind down…it’s worse with heat and humidity; the older I get the less well I do heat and humidity. I have abundant coats for cold weather but only two weak fans for this awfulness. I have to change shirts two or three times a day, they become sodden even when inactive. I think if I could afford it I would be a reverse snow bird and go for eternal winter by changing hemispheres.

Once when I was in physical therapy for one of my softball injuries I encountered a ski instructor trapped by spring in this hemisphere by his own injuries, waiting impatiently to heal and head south. He said he hadn’t see a spring and snow melt in about 13 years.On a soggy dark night of the soul when I have a sodden bandana wrapped around my head to keep sweat out of my eyes, with my shirt sticking to my back, I envy him.