Okay, trying again.Hopefully this cover will not overpower the text.  SKOOK has climbed higher on Amazon.com sales rankings than any of my other titles.  Last reported ranking was 27,868.Plus five very kind reviews.  This is my take on the Bigfoot legend.  I have no idea why the text and photo keep getting lost in the white space. Guess I’ll just publish and see how it looks.

UPDATE:  sales holding strong, and up to eight favorable reviews.  In the publisher’s lexicon it’s gaining traction.  I am very thankful to readers and reviewers.



this is not intuitive for me  My pictures come out humungous size right over the top of text. Cropping doesn’t seem to work. Arrrg

More and more confusing…tinkering with all this stuff.


Now I wonder how to re order the pages so the most recent comes first–or does that happen automatically?

Editing this post after I got a page that looked half all right; but now the edit suite doesn’t invite a visual.