The blog world

I am thoroughly enjoying my early time in the blog world. I have yet to hit my stride here, but I am inspired by the posts I have received.

It is a reaffirmation of life to received such thoughtful, interesting, sometimes outrageous, sometimes sweet, almost always very articulate words from souls scattered here and there around our gorgeous home planet. (One assumes we’re not yet plugged into other planets!)

Sometimes the conventional news of the day can make a person sorry to be part of the sorry human race.  I tend to forget that it’s news because it’s unusual; if it bleeds it leads.  The old mantra of the news profession.  Finding the blog meditations from many different minds in my in-box has a calming, happy effect.   The world endures; humanity endures, we are all about our business with hope and fear and sometimes loathing, and we send our words into the void  like notes in a bottle. And somewhere, our words are read and comprehended, and someone else’s life is better for a moment.  What a precious human adaptation of the modern digital technology!

My thanks to all of those who spread their thoughts into the ether; I am honored to be part of a human race where folks like you exist.